Table 6.

Incidence of ICI Among Patients Less Than Two Years Old With SF

First AuthorYearDesignEligibility Criteria   N <2 Years% of SF Who Have ICI
Greenes211999Prospective cohort<2, in ED for HT 60827% (23/86)
Schunk231996Retrospective cohort<18, CT for HT, alert, normal neuro 9614% (6/44)
Shane241993Case series≤1, awake, admitted with SF 102 ≤115% (15/102; only 32 had CT, so asymptomatic ICI may have been missed)
Bonadio331989Case seriesPediatric patients, parietal SF with CT 52 ≤138% (20/52)
Dietrich141993Prospective cohortAge <21 with CT for HT 7118% (2/11)
Gruskin191999Retrospective cohort<2, in ED for HT 27819% (9/48)
Duhaime281992Prospective cohort<2, admitted with HT 10018% (13/55)
Stewart321993Retrospective cohort<3 mo, in ED for trauma 51 HT <3 mo 21% (3/14) overall 42% of abuse, 0% of nonabuse
Ros401992Retrospective cohort<1 y, asymptomatic with SR for HT 350/3
Mann13 (some pre-CT)1986Case seriesAdmitted pediatric patients with HT21221.9% (10/515; unclear how many had CT)
  • Neuro indicates neurologic examination; ED, emergency department.