Table 3.

Incidence of SF Among Patients Less Than Two Years Old With ICI

First AuthorYearDesignEligibility CriteriaN <2 Years% of ICI Who Have SF
Greenes211999Prospective cohort<2 in ED for HT60877% (23/30)
Schunk231996Retrospective cohort<18, GCS = 15, nonfocal, CT for HT96100% (6/6)
Quayle81997Prospective cohort<18, nontrivial HT, CT, and SR134100% (7/7)
Greenes91998Case series<2 with ICI10172% overall (73/101) 95% of occult (18/19); 67% of  symptomatic (55/82)
Dietrich141993Prospective cohortAge <21 with CT for HT7167% (2/3)
Gruskin191999Retrospective cohort<2 in ED for HT27875% (9/12)
Duhaime281992Prospective cohort<2, admitted with HT1003/3 with EDH had SF 10/22 with SDH had SF  (45%)
Schutzman351993Case seriesChildren with EDH1382% (9/11; 2 unknown)
Mohanty361995Case seriesChildren with EDH540% (2/5)
Shugarman371996Case series<3, admitted with EDH or SDH9351% of SDH 68% of EDH
Schuynoll341993Prospective cohortCT for HT; ? GCSN <2 y not notedAll patients <2 with ICI had SF
Leggate38 (some pre-CT)1989Case series<2 with EDH4083% (33/40)
Gutierrez39 (some pre-CT)1981Case seriesEDH <16 y1070% (7/10)
  • ED indicates emergency department; EDH, epidural hematoma; SDH, subdural hematoma; GCS, Glasgow Coma Score.