Table 4.

Effect of PI Therapy Over Time*

Initial Measurement
After PI Therapy
(Median 4 Months)
All Time Points After
Initial Measurement
(Range: 7–10 Months)
Effect (SE)P ValueEffect (SE)P Value
Height zscore0.15 (0.10).120.26 (0.14).065
Weightz score0.45 (0.12)<.0010.51 (0.21)<.001
Weight-for-height zscore0.50 (0.20).0140.43 (0.24).07
AMC percentile11.3 (3.9).00311.7 (5.1).021
TSF percentile−1.7 (4.4).706.8 (4.7).15
  • * Analysis was compared to preprotease therapy. Model was adjusted for sex, age, Tanner stage, race, route of infection, CDC stage, HIV RNA PCR, CD4 z score, time with HIV infection, Megace use, NRTI, NNRTI, and energy intake.