Table 2.

Growth Measures While Off and On PIs

Mean*, While off PIsMean*, While on PIsPValue
Height zscore−1.11 (0.17)−1.05 (0.18).470
Weightz score−0.67 (0.15)−0.35 (0.14).001
Weight/height zscore0.25 (0.17)0.76 (0.20).022
AMC percentile54 (3.6)56 (3.6).430
TSF percentile35 (3.5)38 (3.5).440
  • * Results reported as weighted means and SEs.

  • Means and P values were calculated from a repeated-measures regression with protease inhibitor use as the sole predictor. By adjusting for correlation between serial measurements of growth, multiple observations on the same child are effectively down-weighted when calculating means, SEs, and P values.