Table 5.

Distribution of Mutually Exclusive Categories of Antipyretic Use Among 52 Cases With Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infection and 172 Controls With Uncomplicated Varicella

Antipyretic Use*Cases
Matched OR
(95% CI)
Multivariate OR
(95% CI)
Acetaminophen only19780.96 (0.43–2.2)0.94 (0.34–2.6)
Ibuprofen only5231.5 (0.44–5.1)2.5 (0.58–11)
Both (acetaminophen and ibuprofen)13135.0 (1.6–16)5.6 (1.2–25)
  • * Antipyretic use in the interval beginning 7 days before the index date and ending 12 hours before the index hour.

  • Calculated by conditional logistic regression.

  • Calculated by conditional logistic regression taking into account race, household income, exposure to varicella at home, and percentage of days with an oral temperature >39.4°C.

  • § Reference category.