Table 4.

Clinical Characteristics of Primary Varicella Illness Among 172 Controls According to Antipyretic Use

Characteristic, Percent PositiveAntipyretic UsePValue*
(n = 58)
Acetaminophen (n = 78)Ibuprofen (n = 23)Both
(n = 13)
Exposed to varicella at home52584854NS
Number of lesions, 100+24315231NS
Mucosal involvement, yes48371739NS
T ≥38.3°C on any day45597477<.001
T ≥38.3°C on ≥20% of days22475262<.001
T ≥39.4°C on any day26313939NS
T ≥39.4°C on ≥20% of days91098NS
Bed rest31427062<.01
Severely ill29375762<.05
  • NS indicates not significant.

  • * A P value of <.05 indicates that the proportion of controls with the characteristic is not the same for all antipyretic groups.

  • Oral temperature includes the period from the day before appearance of the varicella rash through the index day.

  • As described by the parent/guardian.