Table 3.

Independent Risk Factors for Invasive GAS Infection Among Children With Primary Varicella

FactorCases NumberControls NumberOR*
(95% CI)
Race, nonwhite19373.8 (1.4–11)
Household income
15145.1 (1.7–15)
Exposed to varicella at home§23326.4 (2.6–16)
T ≥39.4°C on ≥33% of days1299.6 (2.8–33)
  • * Calculated by conditional logistic regression including the factors listed.

  • Reference is white.

  • Reference is household income of $15k per year or more.

  • § Reference is not exposed to varicella at home.

  • Oral temperature includes the period from the day before appearance of the varicella rash through the index day. Reference is 33% of days.