Table 1.

PHDS Quality Measures: Content, Scoring, and Internal Consistency

PHDS Quality MeasureWhat Is Measured?ScoringInternal Consistency
(Cronbach's α)
1.  Anticipatory guidance from providers4 multipart items assess whether general and age-specific anticipatory guidance topics are addressed. Includes feeding and nutrition, sleeping and physically caring for child, safety and injury prevention, child growth, development, communication, and behavior.Mean score on multiitem scale.0.88
2.  Anticipatory guidance information from health plan1 multipart item assesses whether families receive anticipatory guidance information from their health plan. Includes health care tips, safety tips, child care tips, and developmental information.Average proportion answering “yes” across topics.0.81
3.  Follow-up for children at risk for developmental problems2 multipart items assess risk for developmental problems. One multipart item assesses whether follow-up is provided. Risk assessment items drawn from the Parent's Evaluation of Development Status (Glascoe, 1998). Measure scored conservatively such that providers receive a positive score for even minimal follow-up (eg noted a concern to be watched, gave advice).Proportion identified as high/moderate risk that received some form of appropriate follow up.NA
4.  Assessment of psychosocial well-being and safety in the family2 multipart items assess whether providers talk with parents about their own well-being and safety within the family. Topics include depression, history of abuse, stressors and emotional support, firearms, feeling safe in home.Average proportion answering “yes” to each assessment topic.0.73
5.  Assessment of smoking, drug and alcohol use in the family2 items within the family assessment scale assess whether providers talk with parents about smoking, alcohol, and drug use in the family.Average proportion answering “yes” to each survey item.0.63
6.  Family-centered care2 multipart items assess the degree to which care is provided in a family centered manner. Includes respect, understanding specific needs of child and concerns of parent, asking how feeling as a parent, understand family “culture” and talking about resources and issues in the community.Mean score on a multi-item scale.0.85
7.  Helpfulness and effect of information from providers and plan on confidence2 multipart items ask about how helpful all information from providers and plans was in specific areas of parenting and effect of all information on confidence as a parent in specific areas of parenting.Mean score on a multi-item scale.0.88
  • NA indicates not applicable.