Table 1.

Results of UNHS at WHOG From November 1, 1999 to May 31, 2000 for Non-NICU Newborns

Categoryn% of
% of Total
Normal newborns (non-NICU)3144
Total screened314299.9
Failed stage 1a screen*1314.174.17
Received stage 1b screen12595.44.00
Failed stage 1b screen3326.41.05
Received stage 2 screen331001.05
Failed stage 28240.25
  • * Stage 1a screen—initial hearing screen.

  • Stage 1b screen—repeat hearing screen before hospital discharge of newborn.

  • Stage 2 screen—outpatient screen by trained audiologist (this does not include the 6 infants who missed stage 1b screening).