Table 5.

Logistic Regression Analysis Showing Factors That Were Significantly Associated With PPHN and the Use of Inhaled NO or ECMO in Newborn Infants

βSEWaldP Value
Association with PPHN
 Apgar ≤6 at 1 minute2.37170.597715.7461.0001
 Antenatal aspirin exposure1.74810.57819.1135.0025
 Antenatal ibuprofen exposure2.12070.69839.2231.0024
Association with use of inhaled NO
 Apgar ≤6 at 5 minutes3.51530.997612.4172.0004
 Antenatal aspirin exposure1.95770.75616.7032.0096
 Antenatal naproxen exposure1.78560.72146.1266.0133
Association with use of ECMO
 Apgar ≤6 at 5 minutes3.46461.077410.3407.0013
 Antenatal ibuprofen exposure1.53980.77083.9907.0458
 Antenatal naproxen exposure2.12600.776210.3407.0013