Table 5.

Definition of Central in Published PICC Studies

Author#PICCsAge (Years)CentralC Comp %NC Comp %
Donaldson142220–18SVC/RA junctionNRNR
Dubois102850–18SVC/RA junctionNRNR
Chait111480–19SVC/RA junctionNRNR
Frey72690–27SVC IVC*NRNR
Thiagarajan35870–22SVC RA IVC Subclavian3630
Crowley125230–18SVC RA subclavianNRNR
Thiagarajan94410–22SVC RA IVC SubclavianNRNR
  • C Comp indicates central complications; NC Comp, noncentral complications; NR, not recorded.

  • * Subclavian and femoral veins “acceptable for antibiotics or nonhyperosmolar solutions.”

  • Two episodes of thrombosis occurred with catheters whose tips were in left subclavian/internal jugular vein junction and left brachiocephalic/SVC junction (tip migrating to left internal jugular vein).