Multivariable OR of In-hospital Death in US Children With Bronchiolitis, According to Various Definitions, 2000–2009a

Weighted Sample, nAdjusted OR (95% CI) for In-hospital Mortality
All bronchiolitis544 8281.00 (reference)0.63 (0.36–1.10)0.56 (0.33–0.96)0.38 (0.20–0.72)
Sensitivity analyses
 Bronchiolitis as primary diagnosis485 6561.00 (reference)0.53 (0.29–0.97)0.52 (0.30–0.91)0.31 (0.16–0.63)
 Age <1 y461 5061.00 (reference)0.68 (0.37–1.26)0.53 (0.28–1.00)0.37 (0.18–0.78)
 No high-risk conditionb509 1271.00 (reference)0.35 (0.13–0.96)0.31 (0.13–0.76)0.31 (0.11–0.84)
 Bronchiolitis as primary diagnosis, age <1 y and no high-risk conditionb388 5591.00 (reference)0.36 (0.12–1.05)0.16 (0.05–0.55)0.25 (0.07–0.88)
  • a Logistic regression adjusting for age, gender, race/ethnicity, primary payer, admission day (weekend versus weekday), comorbidities, US region, hospital location, teaching status, and children’s hospital designation.

  • b High-risk medical condition was defined as history of prematurity or ≥1 complex medical condition, previously defined by using ICD-9-CM codes in 9 categories of illness (ie, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, hematology or immunologic, metabolic, malignancy, and other congenital or genetic defect disorders).