Table 1.

Special Events

Scavenger hunt(Once) 10 clues constructed from 10 items on the web site, such as, “Which member of the clinic staff has a Fox Terrier?” First 2 to answer all questions win.
Who's who game(Once) One fact from each teen sent via regular mail. First 2 to match all facts correctly with a member of the site win.
BINGO(Once) Game card mailed to home. Twice a day for a week, a new word appears on the home page. First 2 to BINGO! win.
Mystery member game(∼4 times) 10 facts collected about one teen. These facts displayed on homepage 4 times a day for 5 consecutive days. First 2 to identify correct teen win.
Puzzler(∼5 times) Create a logic puzzle at a page, and put a pink question mark throughout the site. First to figure out puzzler emails answer and wins a prize.
Guest spotlight(Once) Young adult with CF, status/post 2 lung transplants, now in advertising, dropped puck at opening of MCI Center in Washington, DC.