Table 4.

Relationship of Childhood Sexual Abuse to the Risk of Having Impregnated a Teenage Girl

Teenage Girl
Adjusted OR
(95% CI)
Age when first sexually abused
Not sexually abused(3514)17.61.0 (Referent)
16–18 y(132)23.51.4 (.9–2.1)
11–15 y(239)24.71.4 (1.0–2.0)
≤10 y(222)29.71.8 (1.3–2.4)
Coercion or violence by perpetrator
Not sexually abused(3514)17.81.0 (Referent)
Abused, no coercion(328)23.81.3 (1.0–1.8)
Abused, tricked, persuaded, or
given alcohol or drugs
(211)25.11.5 (1.1–2.1)
Abused, threatened with harm,
or physical force used
(74)33.82.1 (1.2–3.4)
  • * Sample sizes differ for age data and coercion or violence data because of missing values. Twenty males whose age at first abuse were not included in the analysis of age at time of abuse.

  • Separate logistic models were done for the assessment of age when first abuse occurred and coercion or violence. ORs adjusted for age at survey, race, and educational attainment.

  • The graded relationships between earlier ages at time of sexual abuse or use of coercion or violence and involvement in teen pregnancy are statistically significant (P < .01).