Table 2.

Potentially Better Practices for the Prevention of Chronic Lung Disease

Promote the use of antenatal steroids.
Prophylactic surfactant treatment for infants with birth weight <1000 g.
Prophylactic indomethacin for infants with birth weight <1000 g.
Enroll in the randomized trial of early postnatal steroids for the prevention of CLD.
Stabilization of infants with birth weight <1000 g on HFOV or SIMV.
Permissive hypercapnia.
Fluid restriction.
Early weaning from IMV to nasal CPAP.
Developmentally supportive care.
  • CLD indicates chronic lung disease; HFOV, high-frequency oscillatory ventilation; SIMV, synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation; IMV, intermittent mandatory ventilation; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure.