Table 2.

Percent Distribution of US Children Younger Than 18 Years of Age by Race/Ethnicity: 1960–2020

White, non-Latino746967645854
Asian American234578
Native American111111
  • Note:

  • F2-a Numbers may not add up to 100% related to how people are requested to identify themselves and on what parameters. For example, Latinos can be identified as either Latino by ethnicity or white by race.

    Source: For projections 1995 to 2020: Day JC. Population Projections of the United States, by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1993 to 2050. Washington, DC: US Bureau of the Census; 1993. Publication P25-1104. For 1980 and 1990 estimates: Hernandez DJ. Population change, the family environment of children, and statistics of children. In: The Challenge of Change: What the 1990 Census Tells Us About Children. Washington, DC: Population Reference Bureau for the Center for the Study of Social Policy; 1995.