Table 2.

Duration of Change to Prone Sleeping (Usual Nonprone Sleepers Changed to Prone Sleeping Position Before Death)

Duration of
the Change
Number of
Change Initiated by a
Secondary Caretaker
First-time event12 (35%)6
Second-time event4 (12%)2
Three to 7 d duration5 (15%)3
Intermittent* (1–3 wk)9 (26%)5
Intermittent* (3–5 wk)4 (12%)3
  • * Intermittent prone refers to the use of prone position for short period of time (day-time nap) intermittently either by the parents of a secondary caretaker.

  • In all cases, the time spent under the care of the secondary caretaker is the same as the time during which prone position was used.