Table 1.

Diagnosis and Management

Item% Always/
Most of the Time
% Some of
the Time
% Rarely
or Never
In new diagnosis of asthma (5–17 y), use of
Chest radiograph27.440.831.8
Sinus radiograph3.845.550.8
Skin or radioallergosorbent testing4.036.959.1
Office measurement of peak flow*75.415.68.9
Trial of daily peak flow monitoring49.137.213.7
Trial of β-agonists95.34.70
In routine follow-up, monitoring of
Frequency of wheeze/cough*
Frequency of disturbed sleep*84.413.22.5
Frequency of β-agonist use*99.2.80
Loss of days from work/school*86.512.31.3
Direct observation of inhaler technique*33.243.922.9
Office peak flow measurement72.321.46.2
Percent receiving spacer deviceMedian response = 90% (interquartile range = 50–100)
Percent receiving written treatment planMedian response = 50% (interquartile range = 10–90)
  • * Recommended by NAEPP guidelines for virtually all asthma patients.

  • Interquartile range is the range between the 25th percentile and 75th percentile of response to this item.