Table 3.

Infant Colic Interventions With Statistically Significant Treatment Effects

InterventionOutcome MeasuredResolution Rate inPValueNNT
Placebo InfantsTreated Infants
Dicyclomine52Elimination of colic25%63%<.013
Hypoallergenic diet58Daily duration of symptoms reduced by ≥25%43%61%.056
Soy formula56Elimination of colic5%68%<.0012
Decreased stimulation11Improvement observed50%93%<.012
Herbal tea65Elimination of colic26%57%<.013
  • * These data combine the results from both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mother-infant pairs, as stratified resolution rate data were not available. The hypoallergenic diet consisted of hypoallergenic infant formula or a hypoallergenic maternal diet.