Table 1.

Characteristics of Included Trials

StudyNo. of SubjectsAge RangeStudy CriteriaInterventionOutcomes Measured
TreatedControlInclusion Exclusion
Danielsson5027272–8 wkOHSimethiconepd, ob, int, freq, vol, dur, slp, eat, bm
Sethi5126261 wk–3 moSimethiconepd, freq, vol, pref
Metcalf1283832–8 wkW, OH, NWGPISimethiconepd, cs
Illingworth532016<8 wkOH, NWGDicyclomineint, cs
Grunseit5425253–12 wkOH, NWGDicyclomineint, cs
Weissbluth522424mean = 5 wkW, NWGCMDicyclominepd, dur, wak
Illingworth492020mean = 4.5 wkOH, NWGScopolaminepd, cs
Evans5720203–18 wkBRFDairy elminationpd, freq, dur
Hill5854614–16 wkW, OHPIHypoallergenic dietpd, freq, dur
Forsyth591717<8 wkBOFHypoallergenic formulapd, freq, dur
Campbell5619193–14 wkW, BOFSoy formulapd, freq, dur
Lothe6060602 wk–3 moIPSoy formulapd, dur
Stahlberg621010mean = 12 wkOH, BOFLactasepd, freq, dur, vol
Miller6112123–9 wkIP, BRFLactaseH2, pd, dur, slp
Treem5527272–8 wkW, OH, NWG, BOFPI, CMFiber enrichmentpd, dur, slp, eat, bm, tran
Barr643135<4 wkOHIncreased carryingpd, dur
Parkin913 1715 15mean = 6.8 wkW, OH, NWGPIIncreased carrying
Car ride simulator
pd, int, dur, cs
Dihigo63862.5–12 wkOHPIParent trainingpd, int, cs, dur
McKenzie1122203–12 wkDecreased stimulationint, cs
Weizman6533352–8 wkW, OH, NWGPI, CMHerbal teapd, wak, cs
Markestad1019193 wk–3 moW, OHSucroseint, cs
Barr661919<7 wkW, OHSucroseob, pd, dur
  • * Windicates Wessel criteria for colic; OH, otherwise healthy; NWG, normal weight gain; BRF, breastfed infants only; BOF, bottle-fed infants only; IP, admitted to hospital as an inpatient.

  • PI indicates premature infants; CM, current medication use.

  • pd indicates parent diaries; ob, observation by health professional; int, parent interviews; freq, frequency of crying; vol, volume or intensity of crying; dur, duration of crying; pref, parent preference for placebo or active treatment in crossover trials; slp, time spent sleeping; eat, frequency of feedings; bm, frequency of stools; cs, clinical scores; wak, frequency of night wakings; tran, transit times for total bowel and mouth to cecum; H2, H2 concentration from breath sample analysis.