Table 3.

Age-Adjusted Risk Factors for Current Asthma in 89 Children Three Years After Hospitalization for Wheezing in Early Childhood

Risk Factor*Current Asthma
(n = 45)
No Asthma
(n = 44)
Age ≥12 mo on entry23/45 (76%)9/44 (20%).00344.11.59–10.35
RSV identification on entry5/45 (11%)18/44 (41%).0190.30.08–0.80
Viral identification on entry11/45 (24%)23/44 (52%).0510.40.15–1.01
History of wheezing11/45 (24%)2/44 (5%).0206.81.35–34.43
Atopic dermatitis on entry19/45 (42%)7/44 (16%).0233.41.17–9.39
Prick test positivity at 8-mo visit21/43 (49%)3/43 (7%).00119.52.45–36.72
A furred pet at home in early childhood8/45 (18%)19/44 (43%).0160.30.10–0.79
  • P values, RR, and 95% confidence interval were determined by logistic regression adjusted with age. Analyses have been done separately for each risk factor.

  • * The following factors were insignificant in the prediction of asthma: positive viral identification on entry, family history of atopy or asthma, male sex, passive smoking during pregnancy or early childhood, urban living area during infancy, 2 or more siblings, and elevated serum IgE on entry.