Table 4.

Sensitivity of Provider Recognition by Maternal, Provider, and Visit Characteristics (N = 86)

CharacteristicsN% of Mothers Identified AccuratelyP Value
Maternal characteristics
  <30 y old6537P < .005
  ≥30 y old215
  ≤High school6234NS
  >High school2417
 Household composition
  Mother living alone2250
  With spouse/partner3219P < .05
  With other adult3225
 Employment status
 Receiving public assistance
  Yes5237P < .06
Provider characteristics
 Usual primary care provider
  Yes6635P < .05
 Type of provider
  Attending pediatrician5437P < .09
  Pediatric nurse practitioner1421
 Provider sex
 Provider race
Visit characteristics
  ≤20 min4931NS
  >20 min3427
 First visit to provider
  Yes215P < .005
 Provider knows mother well
  Yes5540P < .005