Table 1.

Characteristics and Blood Examination of Infants With BMJ

CaseSexBirth Weight (Grams)At Visit or an Obligatory Health Check (From Three Weeks to One Month Old)At Four Months Old
Bilirubin* (μmol/L)Hb (Grams/dL)GOT (IU/L)GPT (IU/L)Bilirubin (μmol/L)
1Female3276478 (465)13.3104812.2
2Male3098352 (336)13.8341810.2
3Male2660343 (333)10.2222ND
4Female3110270 (259)10.5492310.2
5Male3066176 (160)12.52110ND
6Female2162383 (372)11.531148.5
7Female1895321 (300)11.5301011.9
8Male2726543 (533)12.432258.5
9Female2808330 (318)11.72527ND
10Male2240176 (164)13.2288ND
11Female3250314 (297)12.0311610.2
12Male3272487 (422)12.0253012.4
13Female2896226 (214)15.95418ND
14Male3242218 (209)12.645259.2
15Male3090223 (206)13.62715ND
16Male3150237 (234)14.5281613.3
17Male3624306 (295)10.5231811.1
  • Hb indicates hemoglobin; GOT, glutamine oxyaloacetate transaminase; GPT, glutamine pyruvate transaminase; ND, not determined.

    When serum bilirubin concentration was ND, disappearance of jaundice was determined visually.*Value in parentheses is concentration of indirect acting bilirubin.