Table 2.

Logistic Regression Results*

CovariateOdds Ratio95% CIP Value
Model 1
Temperature (per °C)1.22(.87,1.72).25
Gender (female vs male)2.32(1.18,4.59).015
ANC (per 1000 cells/mm3)1.18(1.12,1.25)<.001
Model 2
Temperature (per °C)1.26(.89,1.79).19
Gender (female vs male)2.45(1.23,4.88).01
WBC (per 1000 cells/mm3)1.11(1.06,1.16)<.001
PMN (per 1000 cells/mm3)1.03(1.01,1.06).01
  • * Odds ratios and 95% CIs for the significant predictors of bacteremia in the multivariate logistic regression models are displayed, along with P values for the likelihood that the odds ratio for the given predictor equals 1.