Table 2.

Comparison of Clinical Path and Control Group Demographics and Disease Severity*

VariableClinical PathControlP Value
Total subjects5555NS
Average age
Gender (#male) 3832NS
Race (#black) 5054NS
Medical assistance (%) 8180NS
Arrived from home (%)7681NS
Caregiver a high school graduate (%)3438NS
Number children (<14 y) in home2.02.5NS
ED visits/y4.23.4NS
School days missed/y119.9NS
Perception of severity (% without
symptoms between episodes)
Heart disease20NS
History of sinusitis84NS
History of pneumonia1713NS
Chronic lung disease of prematurity53NS
Human immunodeficiency virus10NS
Cystic fibrosis00NS
Exposure to tobacco smoke2218NS
Exposure to pets in the home3335NS
Home medications
Metered-dose inhaler β-agonist1621NS
Nebulized β-agonist3025NS
Chronic steroids12NS
Cromolyn sodium2217NS
Inhaled steroids811NS
ED management
Prednisone before arrival2210.02
Albuterol nebulizer/metered-dose
inhaler before arrival
Albuterol doses in ED6.16.2NS
Ipatropium bromide doses in ED11.1NS
Severity on admission
Spo 2 on arrival9493NS
On supplemental oxygen at admission2021NS
Respiratory rate on admission4038NS
  • NS indicates not significant.

  • * Data obtained from parent report.

  • Values do not differ from those of general hospital admissions for asthma.