Table 12.

Cerebral Ultrasound Scan Appearances in Those Discharged From Hospital

Scan at
∼1 Week
Scan at
∼6 Weeks
Scan at ∼EDD
No scan performed72.2299.2113.55116.2
Not interpretable41.331.241.351.9
Classification of scans
 Group 1, no abnormality seen17657.312844.916353.816763.5
 Group 2, IVH without ventriculomegaly10935.511941.98327.44517.1
 Group 3, ventriculomegaly without parenchymal changes1.362.193.093.4
 Group 4, unilateral parenchymal cysts (± ventriculomegaly)144.6258.83411.22710.3
 Group 5, bilateral parenchymal cysts (± ventriculomegaly)31.041.4103.2103.8
  • IVH indicates intraventricular hemorrhage.

  • * Percentages for the numbers of those who had no scan performed are expressed in terms of all survivors (n = 314). All other results are expressed as a percentage of the scans performed at that age.