Table 2.

Multiple Logistic Regression for Successful Outcome in Safer Sex Stages of Change for HIV-Positive Adolescents With Hemophilia

Variable ORPValueCI
Peer norms—outercourse
 Large change5.47.011.44, 20.76
 Small change1.0
Peer norms—abstinence
 Large change5.08.031.17, 20.10
 Small change1.0
 Minimal or decreased4.65.041.04, 20.78
 Maximal or increased1.0
Intervention—peer discussion
 Attended4.7.041.08, 20.59
 Large change1.51.56.37, 6.27
 Small change1.0
Self-efficacy—condom use
 Large change2.16.28.53, 8.71
 Small change1.0
Sexual intercourse
 Not sexually experienced2.45.25.53, 11.27
 Sexually experienced1.0
  •  Residual change scores split at median for ease of interpretation.