Table 2.

Distribution of Responses for Frequently Positive Items at Initial Test (n = 173)

Itemn (%)
n (%)
No Response
Have any of your family members ever had a drinking or drug problem?70 (40%)96 (55%)7 (4%)
During the past 6 months:
Have you used alcohol or other drugs?62 (36%)101 (58%)10 (6%)
Have you ever ridden in a car driven by someone (including yourself) who was high or appeared to have been using alcohol or another drug?50 (29%)113 (65%)10 (6%)
Have you ever had an in-school or out-of-school suspension for any reason?49 (28%)115 (66%)9 (5%)
During the past 6 months:
Have you tried to cut down or quit drinking or using drugs?30 (17%)120 (69%)23 (13%)
During the past 6 months:
Do you feel bad or guilty about your drug use?14 (8%)137 (79%)22 (13%)
During the past 6 months:
Have you had (paraphrased) any of the following problems after using AOD: blackouts or other periods of memory loss; injury; emergency room visit; protective custody; convulsions or DTs; hepatitis or liver problem; feeling sick, shaky or depressed when you stopped using; feeling “coke bugs” or a crawling feeling under your skin; using needles to shoot drugs.11 (6%)148 (86%)14 (8%)
During the past 6 months:
Have you gone to anyone for help because of your drinking or drug use? (such as AA, NA, CA, counselors, or a treatment program)3 (2%)148 (86%)22 (13%)