Table 2.

Health Insurance Characteristics of Children Enrolled in CHPlus in the Study Area

Insurance CharacteristicPercent
Prior insurance before CHPlus*
 Fully insured35%
Gap in coverage before enrollment in CHPlus
 1–5 mo23%
 ≥6 mo38%
  • * Prior insurance denotes the most recent insurance in the year before CHPlus. If the child had no insurance for the entire year before CHPlus, the prior insurance is uninsured.

  • Denotes the most recent insurance during the year before CHPlus, even if there was a gap in coverage before enrollment in CHPlus. The gap in coverage is shown at the bottom of the table.

  • No gap in coverage includes children who had up to 4 weeks uninsured gap immediately before CHPlus, in order to avoid counting families in transition as truly uninsured.