Table 2.

Predictors of Unmet Needs By Type of Unmet Need for Children <18 Years Old: United States, 1993–1996

Adjusted ORs*
Medical Need
Dental Need
Medication Need
Vision Need
Predisposing factors
  <5 y1.
  5–10 y1.202.781.076.29
 11–17 y1.213.241.317.67
Race and ethnicity
 White, not Hispanic1.
 Black, not Hispanic.69.69.821.02
Family structure
 With both parents1.
 With one or no parents1.
Family size
Education of family reference person
 Some college/college graduate1.
 High school graduate.991.081.08.95
 Less than high school.
Immigration status
Need factors
Health status
 Excellent or very good1.
 Fair or poor2.
Bed days in past year
Limitation activity
 Not limited1.
Enabling factors
Poverty status
 ≥200% FPL1.
 100–199% FPL1.623.063.083.73
 <100% FPL2.073.134.514.47
Health insurance
 Private only1.
Usual source of care
 With usual source of care1.
 Without usual source of care2.411.631.781.43
Region of residence
Place of residence
  • * ORs for each independent variable adjusted for all other independent variables included in the table.

  • Statistically significant at the .05 level, two-tailed test (P < .05).

  • Statistically significant at the .01 level, two-tailed test (P < .01).