Table 2.

Factors Associated With Insurance Coverage of Children Ages 17 and Under

Factor(N) (in Thousands)Percent With
Private Insurance
Percent With
Public Insurance
Total*71 47968.620.810.6
 White46 48580.411.58.1
 Black11 18247.941.310.9
 Hispanic10 62540.238.621.2
 Male36 92869.120.410.6
 Female34 55168.021.510.7
Family employment status70 51268.920.410.7
 Single-parent employed12 34155.629.914.6
 Single-parent not employed39988.383.78.0
 Two-parent both employed34 65585.96.08.1
 Two-parent one employed16 47066.820.512.7
 Two-parents neither employed110113.869.117.1
 No parents194624.959.415.8
Highest parent education71 42468.620.810.6
 Less than high school10 65025.355.019.7
 High school22 51063.624.312.2
 More than high school36 31786.86.56.7
 No parents194624.959.415.8
Perceived health status§70 50769.020.610.4
 Excellent/good68 48169.919.810.3
Census region*
 Northeast13 13272.221.16.8
 Midwest16 87175.416.97.7
 South24 50064.621.913.5
 West16 97664.722.912.4
 MSA57 08769.920.110.1
 Non-MSA14 39263.323.812.9
  • * Population includes children whose parents' education and/or employment status is unknown as well as children with no parents.

  • Excludes children whose parents' employment status is unknown.

  • Excludes children whose parents' education level is unknown.

  • § Excludes children who had missing health status information.

  • Relative standard error is ≥30 percent.

    Note: Restricted to civilian noninstitutionalized population. Percents may not add up to 100 because of rounding.