Table 1.

Presenting Symptom and Initial Laboratory Studies in 36 Children With Discitis

Fever Duration of
Initial WBC
(per 103mm)
1987.7Refusal to bear weightNo5 d10.342
1981.8Refusal to walkNo2 wk9.456
19801Unable to crawlNo2 wk14.936
19801Back painNo1 wk14.531
19841Resufal to walkYes10 d8.156
19811.2Refusal to walkNo3 d11.149
19821.2Refusal to walkYes4 d10.554
19841.2Difficulty walkingNo10 d14.648
19831.3IrritabilityNo2 mo8.546
19931.3Refusal to walkNo1 wk1140
19851.4LimpNo4 mo8.820
19861.4LimpNo2 wk12.957
19891.4Unsteady gaitNo8 d7.9NP
19801.5Refusal to walkNo2 mo11.932
19841.5Refusal to walkNo3 d9.854
19831.7Refusal to walkYes1 d15.538
19951.7IrritabilityYes5 d12.641
19811.8LimpNo2 mo12.642
19961.9Refusal to walkYes5 d8.545
19842Refusal to walkNo1 mo13.746
19862Refusal to walkNo5 d14.250
19892LimpNo3 wk11.146
19832.5Unsteady gaitNo4 d12.3NP
19842.5Back painYes3 mo14.332
19872.5LimpNo1 mo848
19922.5Refusal to walkNo3 d9.352
19942.5Refusal to walkNo1 d11.250
19903Abdominal painYes1.5 mo8.060
19903LimpNo3.5 wk9.844
19824Back painNo10 dNP25
19844Back painYes1 mo7.530
19925Neck painNo1 mo10.447
19976Back painNo3 wk11.7585
19827Back painNo1 mo10.222
199310Back painYes4 wk8.94
199316Back painYes1 y25.440
  • NP indicates not performed.

  • * Temperature >100.3°F before or at hospital admission.