Adjusted Prevalence Ratios of Risky MV Behaviors by Frequency of TWDa Among US High School Students Aged ≥16 y Who Engaged in TWD on ≥1 d, National YRBS, 2011

Risky MV BehaviorAdjusted Prevalence Ratio (95% CI)b,c
Frequency of TWD During the 30 d Before the Survey
3–9 d10–19 d20–29 d30 d
Irregular seatbelt use as a passengerd1.06 (0.92–1.23)1.23 (1.07–1.41)1.17 (0.95–1.45)1.42 (1.29–1.57)
Rode with driver who had been drinking alcohole1.25 (0.96–1.61)1.74 (1.38–2.21)1.92 (1.38–2.65)2.12 (1.71–2.63)
Drove when they had been drinking alcohole2.00 (1.49–2.70)3.10 (2.17–4.43)5.49 (3.94–7.63)5.80 (4.43–7.59)
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • a During the 30 d before the survey.

  • b Adjusted for age, sex, and race/ethnicity.

  • c Referent group is students who engaged in TWD 1–2 d during the 30 d before the survey.

  • d Most of the time, sometimes, rarely, or never wore their seatbelt when riding in a car driven by someone else.

  • e One or more times during the 30 d before the survey.