Table 2.

At-Risk Infants for Whom Routine Monitoring of Blood Glucose Is Recommended

A. Associated with changes in maternal metabolism
 1. Intrapartum administration of glucose
 2. Drug treatment
 a. Terbutaline, ritodrine, propranolol
  b. Oral hypoglycemic agents
 3. Diabetes in pregnancy/infant of diabetic mother
B. Associated with neonatal problems
 1. Idiopathic condition or failure to adapt
 2. Perinatal hypoxia-ischemia
 3. Infection
 4. Hypothermia
 5. Hyperviscosity
 6. Erythroblastosis fetalis, fetal hydrops
 7. Other
   a. Iatrogenic causes
   b. Congenital cardiac malformations
C. Intrauterine growth restriction
D. Hyperinsulinism
E. Endocrine disorders
F. Inborn errors of metabolism