Table 1.

Frequency Distribution of Variables: Unweighted and Weighted

Independent variables
  Neither time point463561.5522668.1
  At 1 time point204027.1180023.5
  At 2 time points86211.46518.5
Dependent variables
 Car seat
  Always use379650.7421055.1
  Less than always use368649.3343244.9
 Ipecac syrup
  In the home223729.9303239.7
  Not in the home525470.1459660.3
  Less than daily438958.3385650.3
 Plug-ins covered
  Less than all440558.7433356.6
Control variables
 Birth order
  Not first-born506767.2505465.8
 Maternal age (y)
  19 or younger97013.27359.8
  30 or older214929.2238031.7
  $18 000 and greater387951.5481262.7
  <$18 000365848.5286437.3
 Educational attainment
  <12th grade154620.5130817.0
  12th grade306740.7302739.4
  >12th grade292438.8334143.5