Table 4.

Travel Cost Comparison: Out-of-Pocket Patient Travel Costs*

Travel Cost Analysis: Waycross, GA to Augusta, GA
 Travel: 354 miles round-trip at $.31/mile$109.74
 Food: lunch at $5.00/person$15.00
 Parking: 1 day at $1.00/d at MCG$1.00
Visit to Ware County Health Center Telemedicine Clinic  in Waycross
 Travel: 89 miles round-trip at $.31/mile$27.59
 Food: lunch at $5.00/person × 3 persons$15.00
 Parking: free at Ware County Health  Center$.00
  • * Round-trip miles from Waycross to Augusta is 354 miles. Mean miles traveled when seen in Waycross is 89 miles. Meal charges were approximated as $5.00/person. The Internal Revenue Service mileage rate is $.31/mile and parking is $1.00/day.