Table 3.

Faculty Attitudes and Feelings

% Response
Strongly AgreeNeutralStrongly Disagree
The statewide telemedicine system (telemedicine) can be used to perform patient consultations.47312020
Telemedicine makes consultation services more available to patients.35392060
Telemedicine is a cost-effective means of offering consultation services to patients.182640142
Telemedicine is a time-efficient means of offering consultation services to patients.222630202
Patients feel that it is acceptable to deliver consultation services using telemedicine.4295782
Telemedicine can be used for scheduling multidisciplinary consultations for patients.14522860
Health professionals can communicate effectively with patients over the statewide telemedicine system.14423680
Telemedicine can be used for initial consultations of patients.163238104
Telemedicine can be used for follow-up consultations of patients.36481600
The length of time it takes to schedule a telemedicine consult is comparable to the time it takes to schedule an on site consult.41367114
Patients can receive good follow-up care in the community after the telemedicine consultation.10295820
I feel confident in recommendations made over the telemedicine system.12305080
I feel that the procedures necessary for clinical assessment of my patients are available over telemedicine.82640224
I understand telemedicine.224720120
I think that a referring physician might view telemedicine consultation as not as good as on site consultation.144927100
  • * Physician faculty members were asked to indicate their agreement or disagreement with statements about telemedicine using a 5-point Likert scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.