Probable Causes of Adverse EventsEntire Cohort
(n = 95)
(n = 43)
(n = 28)
Drug-drug interaction4446.31944.21864.3
Drug overdose3435.82046.5725.0
Inadequate monitoring2728.41125.61346.4
Inadequate resuscitation1920.012.31657.1*
Inadequate medical evaluation1818.9614.0725.0
Premature discharge1111.6511.6414.3
Inadequate personnel1010.549.3517.9
Prescription/transcription error99.549.313.6
Inadequate recovery procedures88.449.327.1
Inadequate equipment88.449.3310.7
Inadequate understanding of a drug or its pharmacodynamics88.424.727.1
Prescription given by parent in unsupervised medical environment44.20000
Local anesthetic overdose44.212.3310.7
Inadequate fasting for elective procedure33.212.313.6
Unsupervised administration of a drug by a technician22.112.313.6
  • * P < .001 Nonhospital-based versus hospital-based. Note that some patients had >1 cause for an adverse sedation event.