Table 4.

Testing for Type 2 Diabetes in Children

•  Criteria*
 Overweight (BMI >85th percentile for age and sex, weight for  height >85th percentile, or weight >120% of ideal for height)
 Any two of the following risk factors:
  Family history of type 2 diabetes in first- or second-degree   relative
  Race/ethnicity (American Indian, African-American,   Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander)
  Signs of insulin resistance or conditions associated with   insulin resistance (acanthosis nigricans, hypertension,   dyslipidemia, PCOS)
•  Age of initiation: age 10 years or at onset of puberty if  puberty occurs at a younger age
•  Frequency: every 2 years
•  Test: FPG preferred
  • * Clinical judgment should be used to test for diabetes in high-risk patients who do not meet these criteria.