Table 1.

Presurgery Diagnoses as Coded From Taped Conversations of Surrogates and Surgeons and as Recalled by Surrogates and by Surgeons

DiagnosisCoding of Taped Interview, nRecalled by Surrogate,nRecalled by Surgeon, n
Otitis media222
Excess drool1 * *
Congenital stridor1 * *
Adenotonsilectomy1 * *
Hernia78* 6*
Scoliosis12* 2*
Spina bifida111
Intractable seizure111
Nevus * 11
Total diagnoses171715
  • * Because all available data were used, there are instances in which there were no taped interviews, and some in which there were no matching interviews between the surrogate, the surgeon, and/or the investigator.