Table 3.

Clinical Data Concerning Readmissions

Admission NumberPatient AgeDischarge DiagnosisLength of Admission (Days)Days Between AdmissionsReason for ReadmissionReadmission DiagnosisLength of Readmission (Days)
 126 dPossible apnea32Temperature = 100.8° and fussinessViral illness6
 26 moViral illness; reactive airways disease22Vomiting, abdominal pain and wheezingViral illness; reactive airways disease1
 317 dRule out sepsis/viral illness36Increased fussiness and decreased oral intakeRule out sepsis/viral illness3
 424 moGastroenteritis13Vomiting, diarrhea and decreased oral intakeGastroenteritis5
 531 moSeizure disorder17Recurrent seizuresSeizure disorder2
 67 wkFever and cough: possible pertussis21Persistent cough with choking episodesPertussis5
 75 yPneumonia and small pleural effusion; discharged home on intravenous antibiotics32Temperature = 101° and cough, no respiratory distress, chest radiograph showed no pleural effusionPneumonia—no pathogen determined1
 810 wkRSV bronchiolitis21Fever and coughing episodes with oxygen requirementRSV bronchiolitis2
 911 wkPertussis43Coughing episodesPertussis5
1015 dRule out sepsis/viral illness51Choking episodeChoking episode1
118 yAspiration pneumonia; history of developmental delay, seizure disorder, and hydrocephalus with ventriculoperitoneal shunt24Tongue swelling, difficulty breathing and urticariaAllergic reaction—likely attributable to ceftriaxone2
1216 moRotavirus gastroenteritis12Refusing oral intake but no dehydrationRotavirus gastroenteritis2
1317 dDacryocystitis37Fever and irritabilityAseptic meningitis3
148 moPostinfectious diarrhea13Persistent diarrheaPostinfectious diarrhea5
1515 yAdjustment disorder with depressed mood21Situational—when the mother refused the patient to come home for Thanksgiving, the patient became more depressed and suicidalAdjustment disorder with suicidal ideation1
1620 dGastroesophageal reflux27Fever, cough, wheezing and apneaBronchiolitis2
1729 dBronchiolitis29Choking episodeGastroesophageal reflux1
186 wkRule out sepsis/viral illness29Cough, rhinorrhea, and increased work of breathingBronchiolitis7
1935 dUrinary tract infection41Unable to flush intravenous lineUrinary tract infection6
2017 moRotavirus gastroenteritis11Persistent diarrhea and vomitingRotavirus gastroenteritis1
2110 yHenoch-Schönlein purpura23Worse abdominal painHenoch-Schönlein purpura3
229 dBreast milk jaundice33Increasing serum bilirubin
(total bilirubin = 21.8 mg/dL)
Breast milk jaundice6
2315 dBreast milk jaundice65Serum total bilirubin increased from 12.0 mg/dL at discharge to 14.0 mg/dL on readmissionProlonged breast milk jaundice1
248 yUrinary tract infection31Persistent vomitingUrinary tract infection2
2515 moPneumonia; history of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and tracheostomy (discharged home on oral antibiotics)21Fever, cough, increased tracheal secretionsPneumonia19