Table 3. Continued

Admission NumberPatient AgeDischarge DiagnosisLength of Admission (Days)Days Between AdmissionsReason for ReadmissionReadmission DiagnosisLength of
120 dViral illness/rule out sepsis31Rectal swab positive for herpes simplex (asymptomatic)Herpes simplex infection3
213 yPelvic inflammatory disease11Worse abdominal painPelvic inflammatory disease2
38 yAsthma22Chest pain, wheezing, abdominal pain, positive throat culture for group A β-hemolytic streptococcusAsthma; streptococcal pharyngitis4
424 dAseptic meningitis38FeverEnterococcal meningitis21
513 yRight leg cellulitis41Right leg abscessRight leg abscess3
63 yAbdominal pain and distention, chronic diarrhea; insulin dependent diabetes mellitus; possible celiac disease15Recurrent abdominal pain and vomitingCeliac disease8