Table 2.

Most Frequent DRGs (Percentage of Hospitalizations)

n = 627
n = 813
Bronchitis and asthma (DRG 98)3031
Simple pneumonia and pleurisy (DRG 91)118
Esophagitis, gastroenteritis, miscellaneous (DRG 184)76
Viral illness and fever of unknown origin (DRG 422)57
Seizures and headaches (DRG 26)54
Nutritional and miscellaneous metabolic disorders (DRG 298)53
Kidney and urinary tract infections (DRG 322)46
Poisoning and toxic effect of drugs (DRG 451)33
Viral meningitis (DRG 21)22
Full term neonate with major problems (DRG 389)22
Tracheobronchitis (DRG 71)21
Acute adjustment reaction (DRG 425)22
Otitis media and upper respiratory infection (DRG 70)23
Neonate with other significant problems (DRG 390)12
Childhood mental disorders (DRG 431)13