Table 3.

Frequency of Obstetric Complications Considered Indications for Prophylactic Antibiotics According to the Risk-based Strategy (CDC, ACOG, AAP Guidelines), Among Cases of Early-onset GBS Disease and Early-onset Disease Caused by Other Organisms

Obstetric ComplicationGBS Cases (n = 76)Other Early-onset Disease Cases (n = 112)P Value
Gestation <37 wk12  (15.8%)67  (59.6%).001
Intrapartum temperature ≥38°C* 22  (30.1%)25  (23.8%).346
ROM ≥18 h before delivery 10  (13.5%)28  (26.7%).034
At least 1 factor37  (49.3%)87  (79.1%).001
  • Abbreviations: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ACOG, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics; GBS, group B streptococcus; ROM, rupture of membranes.

  • * Intrapartum temperature ≥38°C was missing for 3 GBS cases and 7 other pathogens.

  • ROM ≥ 18 hours before delivery was missing for 2 GBS cases and 7 other pathogens.