Table 2.

Cost-Benefit Analyses of Varicella Vaccine*

Lieu et al23/1994Huse et al24/1994Beutels et al25/1996
Target populationAll children in United
States younger than 6 y
Hypothetical cohort of
100 000 children in
United States; 15 mo
All children in
German; 12–18 mo
Direct medical costs (savings)   8 million 3.13 million 4.5 million
Indirect societal costs (savings) (392 million)(9.78 million)(96.5 million)
Annual net costs (savings)(384 million)(6.65 million)(92 million)
Costs (savings) per vaccine($96)($66)($164)
Total benefits-total costs ratio5.401.384.60
  • * Savings are given in parentheses.

  • Cost of vaccine and administration minus cost of varicella disease prevented.

  • Work-loss costs (savings).