Table 1.

Number of Tests Obtained, Prevalence of Infections, and Presence of Discharge on Examination for All Study Patients

TestNumber of Patients TestedNumber of Positive Test ResultsPrevalence (in Those Tested)Number Patients With DischargeNumber of Infections Diagnosed in the EDNumber of Infections Diagnosed in the Clinic
GC culture87 (100%)44.6%4 (100%)40
Chlamydia culture87 (100%)0
Bacterial (aerobic) culture74 (85%)1317.5%10 (77%)103
Yeast found on bacterial culture74 (85%)22.7%020
Wet prep31 (36%)0
Urine analysis forTrichomonas56 (64%)0
Urine culture50 (58%)0
Serum RPR4 (5%)0
Fungal culture0