Table 5.

Internal Consistency of the CHSA:48 in Three Study Samples

Study II (n = 100)Study III (n = 102)Study IV (n = 74)
Item–Total Correlationα*Item–Total Correlationα*Item–Total Correlationα*
Physical health—15 items.91.92.92
 Shortness of breath.
 Tightness in the chest.
 Wheezing without a cold.
 A cold that won't go away.
 Wheezing with a cold.
 Difficulty sleeping.
 Rapid heart rate or pounding of heart (attributable to medications).
 Headache (attributable to medications).
 Upset stomach/vomiting (attributable to medications).
 Tightness in the chest (attributable to medications).
 Irritable or fussy (attributable to medications).
 Fatigue/tires easily (attributable to medications).
 Difficulty paying attention or sitting still (attributable to medications).
 Difficulty sleeping at night (attributable to medications).
Activity (child)—5 items.89.87.87
 Limited in school gym classes.
 Limited in playing sports or running outside.
 Limited in very strenuous activities.
 Limited in moderate activities.
 Limited in mild activities.
Activity (family)—6 items.85.81.86
 Changed family plans or trips because not sure when attack could occur.
 Canceled social plans because child had a problem with asthma.
 Avoided activities or places that might trigger an attack.
 Lost sleep.
 Missed work or school.
 Normal routine was changed.
Emotional health (child)—5 items.91.87.90
 Frustrated about having asthma.
 Is frustrated having to rely on asthma treatments.
 Is frustrated by having to limit activities because of asthma.
 Is upset about having asthma.
 Is upset by having to take asthma treatments.
Emotional health (family)—17 items.90.65.86
 Bothered by frequent trips to doctor's office or hospital.
 Bothered by finding a babysitter who can handle child's asthma.
 Bothered by getting child to take asthma medications.
 Bothered by having necessary equipment for asthma at home.
 Bothered by keeping house clean to avoid triggering attack.
 Child's asthma caused stress in family.
 Frustrated other people don't understand what it's like to have a child with asthma.
 Sometimes get angry and ask “Why my child?”.
 Have doubts if doing the right things in treatment of child's asthma.
 Confident about handling a severe attack of child's asthma.10.91−.05.69−.03.88
 Sometimes lose hope that child will get better.
 Concerned about side-effects child could get from taking medicine for a long time.
 Worry about cost of child's medical care for asthma.
 Worry that child is not getting good medical care for asthma.
 Worry that asthma causes child to be left out from playing with other children.
 Cost of medical care for child's asthma causes stress in our family.
 Concerned about problems from asthma that child currently has or may have in future.
  • * α values reported for individual items are α if item is deleted from scale.

  • AAP/Arkansas project Emotional Health [family] scale computed based on 9 of 17 scale items.