Table 1.

Curriculum Overview: Core and Elective Training Areas and Relevant Visits or Experiences*

Core training areas
Pediatrician as consultant
 Specific consultation roles supervised by physician consultant at various schools, day care centers
 Participation in Individualized Education Plan formulation
 School Attendance Review Board (interdisciplinary team that reviews and enforces school attendance)
Pediatrician as advocate
 Specific advocacy projects set up with physician advisor in areas of literacy, child abuse prevention, injury prevention
Provision of care for medically underserved youth
 Home visitation (child abuse prevention targeted at high-risk families)
 Tijuana Mexico Clinic (monthly clinic in impoverished area)
 WIC Program
Child abuse prevention
 Child Protection Team Interdisciplinary Meeting
 Child Abuse Case Review Conference
 Navy Family Advocacy Center
 Navy Child Protection Consultant and Social Worker (didactic sessions on abuse, interviewing)
 Polinsky Children's Center (temporary shelter for abused and neglected children)
Needs of incarcerated youth
 Juvenile Hall (clinical service provided to incarcerated teens)
Health education
 Day care centers and elementary schools requesting parent or staff education
 Programs targeted toward pregnant school-aged teens
 High school nurse visit and counseling for teens
 “Ask a Pediatrician” (short talk with open question/answer session to social workers for families at high risk for child abuse)
Accommodating children with special needs in the home/school/community
 Regional center (Service coordination for children with disabilities)
 Lindbergh-Schweitzer School (children requiring skilled nursing)
 Medical Treatment Unit (provision of multidisciplinary services to children with complex needs)
 Special Education Department, San Diego Schools
Health issues in child care programs
 Structured day care center visit
 Head Start visit
Elective training areas
Public health—function and structure
 Tuberculosis prevention program
Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and treatment
 Teen Recovery Center (drug treatment program)
Sexually related conditions among youth: infections and pregnancy
 Mobile Teen Outreach Unit
Violence and injury prevention
 San Diego Safe Kids Coalition (residents participate in community coalition meetings)
Homosexuality: children of same sex parents and unique needs of gay and lesbian youth
 Interested residents directed toward various gay and lesbian community groups
Accessing resources: computers/Internet
 UCSD Biomedical Library training