Table 2.

Mild Head Trauma: Need for “Treatment” If CT Is Abnormal

First AuthorCiteYearDesignnEstimate
Knuckey341989Case series825%
Rosenthal31989Case series650%
Chan381990Case series1080% receive surgery
40% receive emergency surgery
(20% receive no treatment)
Hennes11988Case series633% receive surgery
Rivara21987Case series4925% receive therapy
12.5% receive surgery (rest = bolt)
SteinUnpublished1993Case series5620% receive neurosurgical procedure
1993Case series16361% receive neurosurgical procedure
Pang411983Case series1118% receive surgery
Immordino301986Case series30
Hahn81993Case series420 patients with punctate or ring hemorrhage had adverse outcome
Schunk321996Case series743% (3/7)
Children and adults combined
Shackford361992Case series46831.8% receive treatment
20.9% receive surgery