Table 3.

Parental Beliefs of Their Children's Behavior Around Firearms

Own Child Can Tell the Difference Toy/Real GunOdds RatioP Value
Yes (%)No (%)CrudeAdjusted (95% CI)*
Firearm owners<.001
 Yes74262.72.5 (1.41–4.66)
Child's age<.001
 <8 y406011
 ≥8 y76244.75.1 (3.07–8.76)
Parental gender.93
 Father60400.90.9 (0.47–1.97)
Trust Own Child With Loaded GunOdds RatioP Value
Yes (%)No (%)CrudeAdjusted (95% CI)*
Firearm owners.06
 Yes23771.81.8 (0.96–3.56)
Child's age<.001
 <8 y118911
 ≥8 y23772.32.6 (1.33–5.15)
Parental gender.30
 Father13870.60.6 (0.23–1.57)
Firearm stored loaded.01
 No17830.30.2 (0.07–0.76)
Child Does When Finds GunOdds RatioP Value
Avoids (%)Plays With (%)Unsure (%)CrudeAdjusted (95% CI)*
Firearm owners.09
 Yes871120.40.5 (0.22–1.12)
Child's age<.001
 <8 y57301311
 ≥8 y89740.10.1 (0.05–0.27)
Parental gender.22
 Father7710130.50.5 (0.18–1.49)
  • * Adjusted odds ratios from the logistic regression analyses and the respective 95% confidence intervals.

  • P value for the adjusted odds ratios.